Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Yesterday I awoke to the sound of carpet ripping. Today it was the squeal of tires as the back of a pickup stopped just short of my front porch.

My mom told her co-worker that she could have our piano if they could get here to pick it up before the charity truck arrived today. So, the co-worker and her helpers pulled up to our house at 7:23 a.m. this morning. Apparently she really wanted the piano.

The piano and couches are gone now, nearly all the carpet is out, and UberDad and his hired assistant (a former student) are scraping up the gunk left behind. All the furniture except the computer desk are pushed into the middle of the living room where Puffer is attempting to watch outakes of Ice Age. I, of course, am seated at the computer in the middle of the dining room. When I'm done here, I might help out by sweeping up.

Besides the ongoing transformation of my living and dining room, I've been preoccupied with scrapbooking again. My neighbor and I dragged the kids to the scrapbooking store yesterday, locked 'em up in the play area, and attempted to make some progress. I focused on my secondborn's baby album, and got all the way through his first Halloween! 'Course, he was a whole two days old.

Speaking of my secondborn, he's currently napping, so I think I'll leave the noise, mess and fumes and take Number One and my photos across the street where it's quiet and I can think straight.

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Jocelyn said...

Wow sounds exciting over there. You will be so relaxed when you get back from your trip and find the house all back together and nice new wood floors! At least, I hope that for you! :)

Yay for scrapbooking and LOL on making it to his Halloween at 2 days old. I am up to last summer so not too bad. Now I am waiting for a rainy day to do some more...course I say this right in the only time of year where we don't get rain. LOL

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