Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Poor neglected blog.

It's been so long since I've posted I'm sure everyone's given up on me. I've almost given up on myself. Why don't I feel like writing? I don't know. Been busy. Been knitting a little. Been doing laundry as usual. The baby goes to sleep before 8 and stays in bed until 7. I have NO EXCUSES!!!! I'm helping my mom out still, but not THAT much.

Oh, yeah, I guess I've been on Diaper Swappers a lot again. Crabcakes, who isn't nearly as crabby as he was the first three months, is already growing out of his medium cloth diapers and into larges. I tried to buy a lot of one-size diapers, and those are still working. I've sold a couple that are too small. Been going to the post office a lot. I used to HATE going to the post office. Now I'm getting used to it. I always forget to bring a pen, and the postal worker always gives the boys lollypops.

There's an opening at Midnight Oil on the Hyena Cart. I'm thinking about joining the WAHM crowd and putting some of my yarns and knits up for sale. You know, the ones I haven't actually made yet.
I DO have ideas! It's just, the yarn is still wet.

Yeah, so I've let my childbirth education certification lapse. Haven't taught a class in 10 months. Haven't written anything for paid publication in five years. Why shouldn't I try something new? If it doesn't work out, it doesn't. It's $20 start-up for the congo and the knitting pattern, and if I don't sell anything, I'll just use it for my own kids!

The boys dyed their own yarn with Kool-Aid today! They picked out all the colors they wanted at the grocery store, and after lunch I set them up on the kitchen floor with some pyrex bowls and a turkey baster. I would load those photos, but I've already been on the computer too long, and UberDad's trying to sleep on the couch. He has a cold and didn't want to keep me awake with his coughing. Hmm.
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