Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Church history and prayer request

Thanks for the love notes, everybody. :) Now here's something worthy of comment... an article in the latest issue of SojoNet, Sojourners' online magazine, shares some church history worth knowing.

"Very early church tradition had women serving in all areas of ministry. Women's restriction in the church did not derive from tradition, but from the gradual importation of sub-Christian thought from outside the church, into the church."

See the whole article here:The real tradition of women and church leadership

In other news, prayer is needed that my parents successfully gain conservatorship over my grandmother in court on Friday. She has been back in the hospital due to increased dementia, and she's not well enough to go back home. My parents have found a really nice place here where she'll get the care she needs, and we'll be able to visit her often. Otherwise, she'll be back in the same situation -- in and out of various out-of-town psychiatric hospitals, which is very traumatic for someone with her condition.

So, thanks in advance for your prayers.

My blog is so lonely.

I was beginning to wonder if no one was reading me anymore, since I haven't gotten any comments since before Christmas, when Brad informed me that I'd (inadvertently) turned on comment moderator! So, it's now off, and I apologize for any comments lost in Blogger Neverland since then. I can't seem to find them.

Please come back and send me some love!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Grouper's first short story

Last post of the day, I promise.

So, even when we don't read a single book during the day, we always tell stories at bedtime. Usually UberDad does the honors first, and then the boys add their own. Despite my childhood dream of being a novelist, I'm usually storyless. *sigh* Anyhow, for the last few months, Grouper, our 3yo, has told the same basic story each time it's his turn. It goes like this:

"Once upon a time, there were two boys, and a monster came and ATE THEM!" Then he giggles hysterically and announces, "That's a NIGHTMARE!"

But over the last week, he's been reworking the plot. Today, he called me in to the bathroom, where he had been developing his story as he sat on the pot. "I have a story to tell you," he said. "Once upon a time, there were two boys. And the two boys went to bed. And a monster came, and ATE THEM. Then the monster spit them out, because their heads were too hard. And he didn't chew them. So the boys were okay. The End."

Had to get that on record, just in case I never manage to scrapbook it.

Like, yoga with chocolate?

My neighbor informed me today that the hottest thing in yoga is eating chocolate while you Om. Maybe if I could go to a yoga and chocolate workshop I'd recommit myself to the physical and spiritual discipline!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Yoga is no cure-all.

So, I'm standing there in triangle pose, trying to breathe and not fall down at the same time, when my 3-year-old bumps into me from behind and for a brief moment I see myself crashing sideways into the coffee table. I panic, and yell at my son, "Stay off my mat!"

I thought yoga was supposed to be make you calmer and more peaceful. Apparently not with two children bouncing through the space. After doing the first 15 minutes of my prenatal yoga video with me yesterday, they got bored and started running through the house and crawling under my legs. Eventually I convinced them to go bounce outside, but by the time I finished the second part of the video, I was exhausted. And my back hurt from being stretched for the first time in two months.

Why is it that the day I profess to have avoided crankiness for a whole week is the day that Monster Mama returns to my house in full grouch mode to make me eat my words? Monday I was even worse. I don't suppose it could have something to do with my 3-year-old weaning himself from naptime. Or the fact that UberDad and I have been staying up too late enjoying the benefits of second-trimester hormones and a cured yeast infection. (Shouldn't a healthy sex life, like yoga, make one MORE patient during the day, not less?)

Today I managed to stay in a good mood until 2:30. We played Chutes and Ladders, Hullabaloo, and Elefun, and then went outside to throw a ball for awhile when the sun came out. The house is picked up, laundry is going, the dishwasher's run. And my neighbor brought me a decaf latte. :) All in all, it had been a pretty good day.

And then I realized Grouper was, once again, NOT going to nap. Despite the stuffy nose and cough he's been fighting for the last four days. Despite the fact that they stayed out with my dad until after 9 last night while my mom and I went to a Passion Party, and didn't get to sleep until 10:30. So, I laid down without him, knowing I needed at least half an hour of peace and solitude to make it the rest of the day. Ten minutes later, Puffer is yelling for me from the living room because Grouper's touched a button on the remote and they can't get back to their show. I did not respond with much understanding or patience.

So, here I am, blogging. Trying to decide if doing yoga again today would be good for my spiritual well-being, or counter-productive considering the two small people currently occupying the living room.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Hobbies are a good thing.

I finally finished my mom's scarf! Yay! Now I have a birthday gift to finish, and a hat for a friend's preemie. Then it's time to start on my diaper bag, longies for Baby Boy #3 (gotta come up with a pseudonym) and a gift for my friend's first baby boy who's due in March.

I've been reading the giant scrapbooking book I got for Christmas, uploading and ordering photos and planning out albums this week in preparation for another scrapbooking date with my friend Emily. I'm determined to scrap once a week, 'cause I don't see how else I'll ever catch up.

I've been eating better, finally, and avoiding grouchiness as a result. I tried two new recipes from my neighbor's copy of Rachael Ray's 364: No Repeats. The Lime-and-Honey Glazed Salmon with Warm Black Bean and Corn Salad was a hit with UberDad, as was Three Beans and Some Chicken. I've decided to trade off making kid-friendly and grown-up friendly dinners. Otherwise I get bored and the boys never get to try new things. Or else they eat nothing but cereal and ice cream.

We got cable tv and internet this week! It's SO much better than the SBC DSL. Also got a better program to block pop-ups and spyware. We got to watch HGTV, Cartoon Network and Animal Planet without going to my parents' house. They were out of town this weekend anyhow. I'm hoping it'll keep Puffer at home during Grouper's nap, so we can visit more while he's having afternoon downtime and I'm scrapping or knitting or folding laundry.

Now I just have to squeeze yoga in somewhere. My muscles have completely turned to mush.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Busyness, boys, and blogs

Today I am exhausted. I got nothing done at home this weekend so the house started out a wreck. I did the boys' class at church on Sunday, and wouldn't have survived that without Carla's help. Yesterday I was either out of the house, on the phone, or had company. My post regarding the baby boy news was written in a hurry between visitors and outings.

This morning my neighbor called me in crisis; her father-in-law is in the hospital and they have to start the process of putting him in assisted living. She and the kids were here when I got out of the shower. Then my mom came by, wanting to go out to lunch. I was starving by the time the kids left, so we headed out. Unfortunately the boys were hungry, too, and getting cranky. Puffer decided when we got to the restaurant that he wanted to go to McDonald's instead. Needless to say, the meal was not as relaxing as it could have been, though I did eat well. :)

When we got home, one boy wanted me to go outside with him, and the other wanted me to be inside. I had a headache, and just wanted a nap.

Tomorrow we're going to friends' house to play and scrapbook. I've been looking forward to it, but I haven't had time to prepare, so I don't know what I'll be able to get done. Thursday we'll have to skip park day so I can get grocery shopping done. Today I just need to do laundry and try to pick up this house. Sorting and organizing the boys' overflowing closet will have to wait until the weekend. Now that we know we're having a boy, I can't just give away all the outgrown clothes to someone else to sort through!

Anyhow, in the last two days I've happened upon more mothers of three boys than I've noticed in the last year. First I found an adorable sweater for a baby girl, and then discovered that the designer is a mother of three boys and no girls. Then I started reading an article on Mothering.com about clotheslines, only to discover the author was another mother of three boys. Then this morning I decided to do a search to see what else I might find, and found this blog, whose author shares my name and is currently pregnant with her third son!

So, I know I'm not alone in being surrounded by testosterone. Guess I'll have to redecorate my own bedroom in pink paisley. :)

Monday, January 09, 2006


The waiting room of the ultrasound office was filled with mothers and daughters. Little girls, baby girls, and mommies. Not a boy around. As we waited, UberDad and I wondered if it was a sign of news to come. Visions of pink paisley nursery bedding danced in my head. But I was also prepared with a couple boy names just in case.

When we finally got in, the baby tried to hide. The ultrasound tech had to poke and prod repeatedly to get a view of the tell-tale sign that we're having ANOTHER BOY!! He was curled up on his tummy, using the placenta as a body pillow, but we got enough of a peek to see the evidence. UberDad was very very quiet. He'd really been hoping for a little girl who would adore her daddy like the boys adore me.

After my appointment with the doctor (everything's totally normal), it was almost lunchtime. I suggested we go across the street to the restaurant we couldn't get into on Saturday night. UberDad remained somewhat sullen while I threw out all the reasons why another boy would be good. Then I realized what I had to do. We'd been debating names for the last week. He had a first and middle he really liked, but I was afraid the first name was too popular. We had some other possibilities, but none that he was super excited about.

I decided to tell him him he could name the baby what he wanted. It worked. He cheered right up, finally decided to call his mom and share the news, and started dreaming about having his own four-man Palma relay shooting team.

So, there we are, three boys. Now I have to go find some knitting patterns for cute baby boy things!

The Big Day

It feels like Christmas morning again. No, we're not sick -- I'm just so excited to find out which precious gift is growing in this belly of mine! My ultrasound is in just over an hour, and I'm praying this baby is not shy or demure when it comes to showing off his or her stuff in the womb. Grouper wouldn't let us see, and as much fun as it was to be surprised on his birthday, I would really like some time to prepare for this kid.

The last week I've been obsessed with possible baby names, patterns for knitted baby things, nursery/playroom planning, etc. If the baby is a boy, he'll eventually share a bedroom with his brothers, and sleep on the trundle part of the bunkbed. Then we'll use the third room as a playroom. If the baby is a girl, she'll get her own room. Right now the third bedroom is filled with UberDad's hobby things, my scrapbooking table, which is piled high with boxes of books since I never use it, the snake in its terrarium, a tower of storage boxes holding clothes the boys have outgrown, boxes of Christmas decorations, a bicycle, a safe, and a bunch of misc. things that really belong in the garage.

Anyhow, I better go shower! I'll post as soon as I can with the news!
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