Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Media aliens are eating his brains

So, it's really (restraining foul language) HOT here this week. And there's nowhere to sit at my house but on the bed, which is piled with laundry. And I stubbed my toe on a piece of wood from the immense stack filling my dining room, and I'm not sure if it's broken yet. And I stayed up too late last night sweeping so the boys wouldn't get splinters in their feet, and then watching "Kinsey" (that film about the sex researcher; interesting, but only inspiring in a let's-clear-our-minds-of-the-weirdness sense). And my sister just arrived from Tuscon, but she's hanging out with my other sister who leaves for Vienna tomorrow. So... we went to coffee this morning for an outing, and then the boys and I came back to my parents' house and have basically been watching tv and napping all day.

We're waiting around for everyone to return, which they're doing one by one as I write, so we can go out to dinner. UberDad took Grouper (the boy who loves to go ANYwhere) to Home Depot. And Puffer (the boy who would rather watch TV) is... well, watching TV. After I awoke from my last nap, I was starting to feel guilty about the amount of television he's been consuming today, and in general lately. Then I checked my e-mail and felt even worse. This was the subject head awaiting me from the latest Sojourners Weekly:

"Mass media aliens are sucking out your kids' brains."

Gee, thanks for the subtlety. I was wondering if my guilt was the useful kind, or just the stressed-out, hyperfrenetic, must-be-doing-something-creative-and-useful-at-all-times kind of guilt. The kind I was also feeling after watching part of an episode of "Crafters" on HGTV, where this mother of three-under-5 was showing us how she makes really cool, colorful purses out of DUCT TAPE.

Puffer comes in to ask me excitedly, "Mommy, can you make fudge? It's made with chocolate, sugar and nuts." What? You want me to MAKE something? Obviously, the aliens have succeeded in sucking out the last remnants of his brain and are frying it up for dinner. Which reminds me, I should go get my kids dressed so we can eat.


Jocelyn said...

I read this last night, goodness it must be in the air. Another friend of mine online smashed her big toe but it wasn't broken but sure hurt bad! So how's your's? It is all purple? The doc just put a little cotton between my toes and taped them together. Mine is ALL purple. Not attractive! It was worthwhile though cause he zapped a wart on my other foot and even gave me local anesthetic for it so he could really zap it good...I've been fighting it off and on since DS1 was ONE. Geesh. So glad to have found a doc who is determined to get rid of it finally! So now I'm hobbling on BOTH feet. Not going too fast right now!

madcapmum said...

A duct-tape purse? Hmmm. Sounds like busy-work to me - forget the guilt! Go for the fudge! Hope your toe's better this morning.

Amanda said...

Yes, the fudge sounds really good. Except for the fact that I'm headed to the beach tomorrow, and I've been eating so many coffee house cookies that the velcro on my board shorts won't stay closed. No matter, my mother says she'll take me shopping for a new suit tonight.

Thankfully, my toe does not appear to be broken, but it has been stepped on by my secondborn three times in the last 24 hours. I have not been a very kind, patient mommy. I'm really looking forward to this vacation!

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