Sunday, July 17, 2005

A very big moment

Hooray!! Natural potty learning is at work, folks! My 2-year-old has just used the toilet for the very first time! While I soaked and salt-scrubbed my feet in the tub, and big brother Puffer did acrobatic jumps on the bed in front of us, little Grouper worked patiently on his goal. And, lo and behold, it was a success! We are rejoicing! He was very proud of himself. "I pooped on the potty! I'm a big kid!" he exclaimed.

We'll see how this goes when we leave town on Friday for our vacation with my mom. Don't these things always happen right before some excursion away from home that would make diapers more convenient? Well, no matter, we'll take both the diapers and the toilet seat insert he likes and hope for the best.

Did I mention we've decided to go to the beach 120 miles away, instead of to visit my cousin and family 800 miles away? I'm likely to return with fewer funny travelling dramas to share since we're taking the easy way out this trip. My mom decided she wasn't up for 16 hours in the car with my kids after all. She'd rather buy plane tickets for my cousin and babies to come see us. I honestly don't know how people with small children make those big treks across the country. My mom and I are wimps.

On a completely different subject... this is absolutely the most thorough, encouraging explanation of Christian Unschooling I've ever seen. It's long, but well worth the time if you have it.


Jocelyn said...

Wow hooray!! Has he been going pee pee on it? Mine only pees, but hasn't wanted to do that for a couple months (new baby!) So alas...we wait. I'm still not sure when/if I will be up for the visit down there but its in the back of my mind!

Amanda said...

Nope, he still pees in a diaper, though he has tried to sit patiently on the potty for that, too. Has to practice relaxing those sphincter muscles some more.

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