Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I need to be folding the laundry that's developing permanent creases from sitting in the dryer. I need to be paying attention to my kids, one of whom is chasing down the other with the kitchen mop.

Instead, I'm obssessing about the details of the new design for this blog. Tomorrow is its First Anniversary, after all. It's also my friend Carla's birthday. (Caaaarlaaa, where aaare you? We need to make plans to celebrate!)

If the image of me that Laura designs is a little more rural and romantic than I really am, will those of you know me in real life think I'm a fraud? I realize this train of thought is going to land this entry in the category Scott titled "Out of Her Tree."

Speaking of, I'm also obsessing about category titles. It's a strange thing, having to categorize one's blog entries. What DO I write about, anyway? If anyone knows, please tell.

In other news, we're going to the mall today to get the boys' hair cut. It's been months, so wish us luck. It was Boy #2's idea. (I really have to find something else to call him.)


Jocelyn said...

Oh yeah you wondered what you write about. well of course its mainly just about your life but like you have in your header (or did?) "bear with me while I overanalyze every aspect of my parenting" I think that is basically your theme. :) You also are very strong on the things you believe in on your blog, whereas I just talk about my life and don't use it as a forum for my causes. But I'm not sure i have alot of causes either. KWIM? that is why I felt like I had to apologize I guess. ;)

Amanda said...

You're so funny, Joce. Thanks for responding. :)

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