Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm ba-ack.

Well, it seems you just aren't going to let me forget that I have a blog! And, for that, I am grateful. Fortunately, after two months of almost constant World of Warcrafting, the boys are finally interested in doing something OFF the computer. Right now they're currently playing Castella, this cool little castle-building game made out of bamboo that my friend Megan gave them for Christmas.

Okay, so it's not like they've done NOTHING but play computer games. We spent three days at the beach with my parents. We've had friends over. We've gone to the park. We've gone swimming. We've gone to the library. We've read stories. We've played in the backyard. The big boys had their first Vacation Bible School experience, and they liked it. Baby Fish and I missed them, though.

Overall it's been a really wonderful summer. UberDad is off, so we've had lots of plain-ol' family time at home. Getting things done around the house, catching up on Harry Potter before the next movie and book come out in July, hanging out with friends, watching Baby Fish scoot himself around the house on his bum chasing his ball. He turned ONE three weeks ago! I can hardly believe it.

And now... my uninterrupted computer time is over already. Someone wants on Neopets.
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