Friday, July 15, 2005

More lessons from the world's worst housekeeper

Have you ever stuck a couple of overripe bananas in the freezer, thinking you could make banana bread sometime? Did you do it again with the next week's uneaten bananas? And the next week's? Did you ever actually make banana bread? No? Any chance you've got a nasty lingering smell coming from area of the fridge, even after you tossed all the rotten veggies?

In case you were wondering, ripened bananas do NOT last indefinitely in the freezer. And, if you happen to have more than four dozen of them shoved in the door between the frozen peas and frozen juice, you probably won't have time to make banana bread from them all before they rot.

Yes, I learned this lesson myself this week.

By the way, if your cat is ever polite enough to pee on a cloth diaper instead of the carpet, might I suggest throwing it immediately into the washing machine with some cat scent-remover? Otherwise, the scent will simply consume the rest of the diapers, the entire laundry room and leach directly into the kitchen where it will blend horrificly with the scent of decomposing bananas.


Jocelyn said...

Oh yes, I have 4. I need to do something with them! Do you know the official length of time they can be frozen?

Crankenpants said...

I too did the bannana thing. Never did make the bread.
Would you have any helpful hints on cat puke?

Carla said...

I love it. :o)

Dawn said...

yes..I save bananas too..but then they look really icky and I usually throw them away before I make anything with them.

Amanda said...

My guess on the "official" length of time to keep bananas would be 2 months -- based on the fact that only the top layer of bananas stored in my freezer within the last two months were any good.

Regarding cat puke, I have been fortunate enough not to have much experience with that. Unfortunately, my cat, like her mommy, would rather hold onto nasties that enter her body until they exit dramatically from the other end. TMI, I know.

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