Sunday, July 03, 2005

This is not funny at all. (updated)

One reason I've been neglecting to write explicitly about my boys lately has been the desire to protect their privacy. I avoided using their names, although I never found alternatives I liked. But as it became clear that not just my real life friends and family are reading, and that this blog is easy to find, I've wanted to be extra careful.

And now I've just found a really disturbing confirmation of that concern. This is really important info for those of you who blog about your kids and post photos online. Click here to see. Then come back and click here for more explanation.

Part of me feels very sad for these people. Maybe I assume too much, but I'd like to give them the benefit of believing they must not have gotten enough loving attention when they were babies. Maybe their mothers couldn't get Valium prescriptions and dealt with their miserable lives by keeping them in a baby cage and tossing in a bottle in a couple times a day. Or maybe their babyhood was the only time when they really felt loved and cared for. And then at age two, a New Baby became the center of attention, and they were suddenly expected to behave like a grown-up.

Another part of me wants to join the Web defecters, forget about blogging and start scrapbooking instead. But what if one of these same people works at the online Kodak store? Am I going to have to delete my Ofoto albums just to be safe?

But I can't really think like that. I refuse to live my life in fear. Besides, I know for a fact that there are freaks in my own neighborhood who don't have Internet access, but could wander into my front yard at any time. Thank God I believe in angels. When the boys are feeling afraid of monsters and bad guys, we pray together that God will put His angels around our home to keep us safe.

My mom prayed like that with me, and it worked.

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Laura said...

It's scary isn't it?

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