Saturday, July 17, 2004

Who's who

In my effort to maintain some privacy for my children, I'm finding that inventing new "names" for them in each post is getting to be a bit cumbersome.  Tried "Green-Eyes" and "Blue-Eyes" because it's fairly easy for those who know us to tell them apart that way.  But I haven't posted any clear photos showing their eye color. And it often seems irrelevent.
So, I'm going to simplify like the sign above my kitchen sink says to do.  My firstborn's name starts with an F. So I'm going to refer to him as F, as boring as that may be. And my secondborn's name starts with G.  If you get confused, remember that the letter F comes before the letter G, so they were named alphabetically by birth order.
F is 3 years old. G is 20 months. F has green eyes. G has blue eyes. F likes all animals, especially dinosaurs. G likes horses best at the moment. F likes doing puzzles and building castles out of megablocks. G likes throwing balls and tearing down F's castles. F is learning his numbers (he can count to 13 so far). G is learning his colors (red and yellow are his favorite so far).
That should do for now.

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