Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Highlights of the last few days

This weekend was a bit crazy. I had two baby showers to attend, almost didn't make either of them. I hadn't had enough time to catch up on laundry, so I was cranky while getting ready for the first one, and the phone kept ringing. Sensing my own anxiety, my firstborn did NOT want me to leave, despite knowing that he, his brother and his Daddy would be meeting friends at Chuck E Cheese's. Poor baby, I was not very good at comforting him, half-dressed and irritated as I was.

When I got home, he'd had a fun afternoon, but no nap, and I was afraid we were going to have another meltdown in my attempt to leave for the second shower, and not long before he'd be ready for bed. So, Scott and I devised a plan to increase my chance of escape without coercion. We loaded both boys in the car, and headed to the video store, hoping that having a new video to watch would be a good enough distraction to prevent freak-outs when I got dropped off.

A mile away from the shower location, Looney Tunes video successfully acquired, I was still doubting whether this was going to work -- and then I looked in the backseat. The boys were OUT. Heads flopped onto shoulders, eyes sealed shut. F was likely to stay asleep through the night, and would never know I'd left. G had just nursed, and would be fine even if he awoke upon arrival home. I finally breathed and relaxed. I even enjoyed the party.

* * * * *

Saturday night I stayed up late doing laundry so I'd have something to wear to church in the morning. Then I overslept by nearly two hours, and sent Scott and the boys to church without me, while I showered, did MORE laundry, and attempted to pick up the house. I often take the boys to church by myself when Scott has a shooting match out of town. That's been a lot this summer. Starting to suspect people at church wonder if we've separated. Of course, we're Episcopalian, so no one asks.

* * * * *

Despite sleeping for nearly 12 hours Saturday night, F wanted to nap after church. We were expected at Scott's aunt's house for his grandmother's 90th birthday party at 2 p.m. I got them down pretty quickly after lunch, but they were not ready to be woken up by the time we needed to leave. We got G in the car just fine, but his big brother wailed and flailed, and continued to protest being carted away from our comfortable bed as we drove off. A block away, Scott made an executive decision to turn around. We put both boys back in bed, and gave it another hour.

By the time we arrived at the party, everyone had finished their cake and ice cream, the kids were getting out of the pool, and we visited with Scott's mom and brother for less than 30 minutes before the guests, including his grandmother, began to leave. No matter. The boys still wanted to swim, and I helped myself to an extra serving of homemade ice cream with fudge. Scott got time to spend talking to his aunt and uncle with no competition. We might have worn them out by extending the party like that, but they didn't complain -- and the boys were in much better moods than if we hadn't let them sleep.

* * * * *

The last two days we've spent mostly at home. My neighbor stopped by no less than five times yesterday. Her 3-month-old has a head cold and isn't nursing well. Plus she's been helping me look for new charms online. I found the charm bracelet my mother-in-law gave me last Mother's Day while rearranging the playroom furniture. Online shopping is addictive, especially when there's something else you should be doing. Like finish writing out my plans for the childbirth preparation class I'll start teaching in two weeks. I spent a couple hours on that yesterday, but I have a lot left to do. I'm taking the boys out of town for the next three days, then we have a birthday party on Saturday, and Scott's teaching a shooting clinic all weekend. Chances are, I won't be blogging much for the next week. I'd rather write when I have an actual cohesive thought to share, anyhow. Take care in the meantime, and know I haven't forgotten you. :)

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