Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Where have I been?

I've been at home, mostly. Scott had to repair the car on Monday and the parts store got the wrong part in two times, spreading the job over two days and limiting our travel to walking (and in this heat, that doesn't take you far). I've been trying to catch up with housework and laundry in the meantime.

I was planning to take the boys out of town today through Friday, but I wasn't sure we were going to be ready. Then I found out my mom's free on Thursday and is willing to help me paint the playroom/soon-to-be-Mommy-and-Daddy's room! So, I put off our trip 'til next week. Now I'm scrambling to get the playroom straightened and prepped.

We've had a family bedroom for the last three years, but it's going to become the boys' bed- and playroom (it's bigger than the current playroom), and we're going to get a little privacy back. F has been in his own bed in the family bedroom since just before G was born, so I don't think the switch will be too hard for him. We're getting a bunkbed with a double mattress on the bottom from some friends, so the boys can sleep together. They already start the night out that way in the "big bed," and nap together when it works out.

I'm hoping G will learn to sleep through the night (or at least more of it) when he's no longer tempted by the aroma of Mommy's milk between each sleep cycle. He's been waking me up to nurse a good ten times a night for the last three nights. It's probably a combination of the weather (nights aren't cooling down right now) and a growth spurt.

In any case, after we turn the lemony yellow playroom walls into a pale grey-blue, I still have to give away the changing table and hardly-used crib, paint the dressers and bedside tables move clothes into their new homes, swap all the furniture between the rooms, and paint the boys' new room. I figure we'll all want to sleep in the new "master bedroom" while that paint is drying. But we probably won't be at that point for another two weeks.

I'll update you as changes are made. :)

* * * * *

So, if you believe that I've really been spending all my "spare" time cleaning house the last two days, you don't know me very well. Yes, I mopped and vacuumed and washed diapers, etc. But I have to admit I've also been trying to keep up with the Christ Centered Unschooling list I'm on since I posted a question Monday morning, and my cousin and I have been e-mailing about parenting books and spanking.

I just ordered How Would Jesus Raise a Child? by Dr. Teresa Whitehurst. It was recommended on Crystal Lutton's site and on this one. Maybe after I read it, I'll lend it to my neighbor. We had a great conversation today -- an answer to prayer, actually. Unfortunately I don't have time to go into it right now if I'm ever going to get this post published...

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