Saturday, July 17, 2004

an emphasis on parenting

Scott mentioned to me after finally reading this blog last night that it seems to have an emphasis on parenting.  Well, um, yeah.  'Cause I spend all day parenting, and then I think about how the day went and what kind of job I did.
I'm wondering, what would I write about instead?  Would people like to know the state my house is in today? (Fairly messy, but not too dirty.)  Do they care how many loads of laundry I did today? (None.)  Should I pretend to be like everyone else on the Internet who cares about politics? (Nah.)  I expect I will bring up breastfeeding and learning theory at some point, but those aren't exactly far removed from parenting.  Even what we did today is related.
By the way, the reason I haven't done any laundry today is because we went to our friends' house to help get it ready for the homeschooling co-op we're starting in the fall. We're turning their unused and fairly large garage into a learning center, complete with music room, computer stations, library, toddler toy area, and lots of crafts and game tables.  We'll go every Wednesday to see our friends, do fun projects together, swim, garden, jump on the trampolines, have holiday parties, and anything else we can think of that the kids will enjoy.  So far it's been almost as fun just to get together and get things ready. Today we hosted a yard sale, hauled off junk, sanded and painted shelves, filled in sprinkler-line ditches, went swimming, played and ate lunch together.  The kids all get along great.  The adults do, too.
Oh, and yesterday I went shopping with my mom to buy clothes for myself.  There, that's not parenting related!  I'm also not likely to do it again for another six months.


thelilwifey said...

Ooh, I've never heard of a homeschooling co-op before, that sounds really fun! I really want to homeschool my'll be a while of course. But I just loathe the school system here and all the standardized tests. Thanks for giving me the idea! :D And you write about parenting all you want, it's more interesting than politics :P

Annie said...

okey-dokey, I'm a self-admitted home schooling mother drop out. I tried to teach my daughter Jasper, at home for her 2nd grade, but feel I failed miserably. I just didn't like talking THAT much, one on one...which brings me to the present: I just finished my MAT (Master of Arts in Teaching) at George Fox University and am about to embark on my teaching profession at West Linn High School, teaching two classes of Art and two classes of Alternative Education. I'm truly excited about this position and all the creative possibilities. I guess I just wanted some reimbursement and benefits if I was going to teach someone! (I still don't like talking all that much, which is a good thing with high school students...after 5 minutes talking it's all blah blah blah....)

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