Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Church history and prayer request

Thanks for the love notes, everybody. :) Now here's something worthy of comment... an article in the latest issue of SojoNet, Sojourners' online magazine, shares some church history worth knowing.

"Very early church tradition had women serving in all areas of ministry. Women's restriction in the church did not derive from tradition, but from the gradual importation of sub-Christian thought from outside the church, into the church."

See the whole article here:The real tradition of women and church leadership

In other news, prayer is needed that my parents successfully gain conservatorship over my grandmother in court on Friday. She has been back in the hospital due to increased dementia, and she's not well enough to go back home. My parents have found a really nice place here where she'll get the care she needs, and we'll be able to visit her often. Otherwise, she'll be back in the same situation -- in and out of various out-of-town psychiatric hospitals, which is very traumatic for someone with her condition.

So, thanks in advance for your prayers.

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Emily said...

Amanda, how did it go in court?

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