Monday, January 09, 2006

The Big Day

It feels like Christmas morning again. No, we're not sick -- I'm just so excited to find out which precious gift is growing in this belly of mine! My ultrasound is in just over an hour, and I'm praying this baby is not shy or demure when it comes to showing off his or her stuff in the womb. Grouper wouldn't let us see, and as much fun as it was to be surprised on his birthday, I would really like some time to prepare for this kid.

The last week I've been obsessed with possible baby names, patterns for knitted baby things, nursery/playroom planning, etc. If the baby is a boy, he'll eventually share a bedroom with his brothers, and sleep on the trundle part of the bunkbed. Then we'll use the third room as a playroom. If the baby is a girl, she'll get her own room. Right now the third bedroom is filled with UberDad's hobby things, my scrapbooking table, which is piled high with boxes of books since I never use it, the snake in its terrarium, a tower of storage boxes holding clothes the boys have outgrown, boxes of Christmas decorations, a bicycle, a safe, and a bunch of misc. things that really belong in the garage.

Anyhow, I better go shower! I'll post as soon as I can with the news!

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