Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Busyness, boys, and blogs

Today I am exhausted. I got nothing done at home this weekend so the house started out a wreck. I did the boys' class at church on Sunday, and wouldn't have survived that without Carla's help. Yesterday I was either out of the house, on the phone, or had company. My post regarding the baby boy news was written in a hurry between visitors and outings.

This morning my neighbor called me in crisis; her father-in-law is in the hospital and they have to start the process of putting him in assisted living. She and the kids were here when I got out of the shower. Then my mom came by, wanting to go out to lunch. I was starving by the time the kids left, so we headed out. Unfortunately the boys were hungry, too, and getting cranky. Puffer decided when we got to the restaurant that he wanted to go to McDonald's instead. Needless to say, the meal was not as relaxing as it could have been, though I did eat well. :)

When we got home, one boy wanted me to go outside with him, and the other wanted me to be inside. I had a headache, and just wanted a nap.

Tomorrow we're going to friends' house to play and scrapbook. I've been looking forward to it, but I haven't had time to prepare, so I don't know what I'll be able to get done. Thursday we'll have to skip park day so I can get grocery shopping done. Today I just need to do laundry and try to pick up this house. Sorting and organizing the boys' overflowing closet will have to wait until the weekend. Now that we know we're having a boy, I can't just give away all the outgrown clothes to someone else to sort through!

Anyhow, in the last two days I've happened upon more mothers of three boys than I've noticed in the last year. First I found an adorable sweater for a baby girl, and then discovered that the designer is a mother of three boys and no girls. Then I started reading an article on Mothering.com about clotheslines, only to discover the author was another mother of three boys. Then this morning I decided to do a search to see what else I might find, and found this blog, whose author shares my name and is currently pregnant with her third son!

So, I know I'm not alone in being surrounded by testosterone. Guess I'll have to redecorate my own bedroom in pink paisley. :)


allison said...

Well, I haven't had time to dig around your place much yet, but the site is so cute! Found you through Krista at Fair Dinkum, and was thrilled to see there are at least 4 women out there not fitting into one generic "Christian woman" box! I'll be back, later, after our oldest has his karate belt test...this is why I blog, to find other interesting women who live by faith, but don't necessarily decorate everything with ducky cozies. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Sarah said...

There's a pretty looking ad in the ME Home Companion which points to a website: www.laylagrayce.com. I thought of your bedroom when I saw it. (Sorry for being so commercial.) And on another topic, how's your grandmother?
And one more thing, my friends Jenny and Phil have 3 boys and now 1 girl. They were actually going for a basketball team of boys, but I'm guessing sister will be able to play just fine.
I'm not suggesting anything for you, just making a statement.
Love, Sarah

Sarah said...

Hey Amanda,
I have a friend from college who had 3 boys first and then she had a girl. She was going for 5 boys to make up a basketball team. Now it'll have to be co-ed.
I know you're going to have fun, and I'm having fun seeing how God shapes your family.
Also I saw some cute pink paisley fabric at JoAnn's and thought of you.

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