Thursday, June 30, 2005

Vacation briefs

Yes, we're back from the coast. Had a lovely time, gorgeous weather, got plastered with sand and saltwater, ate too much ice cream, saw lots of cool animals, spent too much money on toys that got lost too quickly, and almost made it home with no major meltdowns. (ALMOST... Boy #1 was ready to come home and had no interest in interrupting his nap to stop for dinner halfway back, even though he was quite hungry. His stubborn parents were also suffering from low blood sugar but had no interest in drive-thru burgers. They eventually found a common preference in take-out stir fry, patio seating, and high-glycolic lemonade. The rest of the ride home was completely tranquil.)

The problem with having such a fabulous life is that there's very little that's interesting enough to write about. Either that, or I'm too exhausted to remember anything but a blur of blue skies and happy faces.


echozoe said...

hi amanda, i am corinna, i too an a crunchy christian mama who lives in CA. i found your blog on the sahmama blog ring. i was intrigued by your title too. i used to be on a message board by a similar name. di dyou do that one ever?
would love to say hey sometime,

Amanda said...

Hey Corinna, I might have seen that message board, but was never a regular. I could never commit to just one. ;) Write back so I can see your e-mail address or blog, you didn't post one in your last comment.

Anonymous said...

i know that board never really got off the ground. i was at just moms for years and am now at a moms of all boys one and another young moms one.
my email is
and i only have a live journal right now and a free webs page.
they are

what part of CA are you in?

Amanda said...

central valley. :) Trying to not to get too specific.

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