Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Has anyone seen my sense of humor? I swear I used to have one, but I haven't seen it anywhere for weeks. I really hope it shows up soon. I'm terrible about looking for lost things. Sometimes I become so terrifed that my favorite whatever-it-might-be might be lost forever that I go straight into denial and don't look at all. Other times I have such strong faith that whatever-it-might-be will return, I completely deny the necessity of searching. Usually this is my keys, and usually they show up within five days. It's really not that much of a bother.

My husband, on the other hand, looks frantically and blindly for TEN WHOLE MINUTES before assuming his wallet/cell phone/whatever has been STOLEN, and calling to cancel all credit cards/report stolen phone/schedule appt for new license photo. And then I find it under the dresser the next day while vacuuming.

My sense of humor might have returned. My keys, on the other hand, have been missing for a week. BUT -- I did find Scott's wallet and all his cancelled credit cards safely inside. The hair on the top of his head, he notes dryly, does not appear to be returning soon.

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madcapmum said...

Seems to me you've got your sense of humour with your tongue - firmly in your cheek! Sounds like you had a great holiday.

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