Sunday, June 26, 2005

TCS updates!

Hey, Taking Children Seriously finally has updates!!! Not that you care, but I might be busy reading them tomorrow. I haven't been talking very nicely to my boys lately. I could blame PMS, but that would only cover yesterday. Yesterday was really bad. I was fine at 2 p.m. But by 7:30 I was yelling at them to go play in the other room and stop being so freaking loud 'cause I wanted to watch the end of "Lemony Snickets" and I couldn't hear a thing. When I calmed down I realized they probably felt like the orphans in the movie. Neglected, unwanted, abused. So, yeah, I could use some scolding myself.


Jocelyn said...

LOL my dear cousin, your boys will be alright and probably love you anyway when they're older, and not blame you one bit for wanting a few freaking minutes of quiet. I haven't watched a movie in peace in ages and I only have one rowdy child. The other one just fusses occasionally.

Anyway I have a blog now too but its not anything with a purpose or philosophy and I feel like I have to apologize to you for that???? Anyway here it is:

Stephanie said...

I should probably read some of that myself. :)

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