Thursday, June 12, 2008

Busy week, headed into a busy weekend!

My littlest boy definitely enjoyed his day -- thank you for all the birthday wishes! He was a little overwhelmed at all the attention at first, until he realized that he had birthday PRESENTS to open! We gave him a wooden train set which he was so excited about he almost missed dinner. My grandmother came to celebrate with us, and I baked -- what else? -- peach cobbler. Yes, we still have more peaches!

Wednesday morning we met some friends at our local creamery and candy shop to tour the kitchens and see how they make their ice cream and taffy. I'm afraid I was too busy enjoying my treats to take any good pictures!

Though I didn't make that birthday banner, I did sew a few bean bags for the boys to play with. We found a bean bag game board for the backyard at a yard sale on Saturday, but it didn't come with the bags.

Tomorrow we head out for a weekend of camping at the beach tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be back online next Tuesday -- with lots of pictures!

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