Monday, June 23, 2008

My week, in imaginary photos of appliances.

(Imagine a photo of a microwave with a 1.5 inch triangular hole in the front glass.)

Sometime last week, I discovered that my microwave had a mysterious injury rendering it useless. No one in my household had any idea how the injury was created. Apparently, it was an act of God. (Not to blame You, exactly, Lord, but no one else wants to take responsibility. You know us sinners.)

(Imagine a photo of a cobalt blue Kitchenaid stand mixer, its top tilted oddly forward.)

Several months ago, my mixer started acting funny. As in, wobbling a lot, making miserable noises and bumping the paddle against the bowl until the coating was rubbed off the bottom. Yes, I should have stopped before that point. So much for hindsight.

Sometime this week, I went with my mother to Macy's to look for new mixing bowls, because making pizza dough by hand was more trouble than necessary without a deep enough bowl. And I started dreaming of a new Kitchenaid, maybe in a pretty apple green, with lots of extras... like an ice cream maker attachment, a pasta maker, a grain grinder!

Then yesterday, I noticed an odd smell in the kitchen while my mother and I were cleaning out my pantry and doing dishes, but I didn't know where it was coming from. Then I noticed it much stronger when I came in from watering the garden and Scott had cleaned up after dinner.

It was coming. From. The dishwasher.

(Imagine a photo of 10 feet of counter and kitchen sink, piled with dishes, and an empty hole beneath the counter where a dishwasher used to be.)

This is what my kitchen looked like (okay, still looks like) 24 hours after my 10-year-old dishwasher ran its last cycle last night. I was too busy calling around town asking about dishwasher installation charges to actually wash them by hand. Plus I figured my new Energy Star washer would be much more efficient. (Yes, my crunchy side justified my lazy side!)

After doing some research online, we went to Lowe's to pick up a new, white, Whirlpool 1055XTS. For $348 plus tax. Delivery and installation would have been another $115. More than the Kitchenaid Artisan with an ice cream maker.

(Imagine a photo of a large brown city trash bin.)

Sometime after looking at $400 mixers online, I realized that I never put my wedding ring back on after making pizza dough. When I finally cleaned the counters, it was nowhere to be found. I freaked out, assuming it accidentally was swept up with food debris and put in the compost or trash. But I didn't want to tell Scott until I'd looked everywhere possible. So this morning, right after breakfast, I headed out to the trash bin, terrified that I was too late, and the ring might have been in a bag that was carried away at the last pickup.

I pulled out the fabric from the old trampoline that Scott took apart this weekend. I pulled out the three bags of trash my mom and I cleaned out of my pantry. I got down to the two bags of kitchen trash in the bottom of the bin. The only two bags my ring might be in. I prayed. I reached in past the spiders and maggots, and began to dump out the contents of those bags. No sign of the pizza meal we'd eaten the night I took off my ring. And as far as I could sort...

No ring.

(Imagine a photo of me crying on my mother's shoulder as she assured me that I had what was really meaningful, my marriage.)

BUT. God is good. All the time.

My parents have an extra microwave in storage that we can use.

I finally called the Kitchenaid hotline, and I think I was able to fix it.

We actually had the money to buy the dishwasher, even though it wasn't how we planned to spend it.

And when I tearfully told Scott I thought I'd lost my wedding ring, he reached up onto a bookshelf and pulled it out of the little china jar he'd put it in for safe keeping when he cleaned the kitchen that night.


Now, if He would just help Scott install the new dishwasher. He's been working on it for three hours, and it's not going so well. Might have been worth the extra $100 after all.

(Insert truly imaginary photo of a boxy, silver HP digital camera.)

And, Lord, about my camera? I'm not quite sure why it stopped working tonight. But it doesn't look good. I REALLY REALLY want it to start working again.

'Cause I just spent the money I hoped to use on my first digital SLR on a new dishwasher that's driving my husband nuts.



Bobbi said...

I have had one of those weeks before! God is such a great God! He was totally in your favor. It worked out in the end. Pray for my camera also! It's not working right. lol I think we all dream of the newest appliances, but in reality- things can be repaired. Have a great rest of this week! Take care of those appliances and wedding ring!!!

Bobbi said...

i was thinking of your appliances earlier on..... everything usually seems to break at the same time. luckily for you, you had the money saved!

i love rosemary's! it did cheer her up! thanks for the comment~

Emily said...

Oh, it is not a good week for inanimate objects in your home this week. Not good at all. I am glad things are looking up and hope the camera resurrects!

Band of Brothers said...

oh my. what a week for you. i've never owned a kitchen aid, but I've always admired how cute they are! and praise God you found your ring. i was not so fortunate. i think i put it in a plastic bag for safe-keeping in my jetta(now sold) and my hubby thought it was trash and chucked it. we think.

but most of all, i love your attitude!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a week!! I am so sorry. Great outlook though hun...God is good ALL the time :)

I'll pray for your camera ;)

Jena said...

What a bittersweet story! I loved your imaginary pictures. :)

I lost my wedding ring about 6 years ago. And it was heartbreaking, but you're right, having the marriage is what really counts. I'm glad your husband knew where it was!!

Jennifer said...

Good luck with your appliances, CCM! Isn't that life with boys, to have such an enormous hole in the micro and no one knows anything! Hee hee. We just remodeled our kitchen, and I have a nice white microwave in the garage if you want me to ship it to you (think we're both in Cali). God has been blessing me tremendously lately, just always want to spread it around. I love how you blog about dishes, gardening, Fly Lady; all the things that I am doing all the time, too! Hope your camera heals, we want more green bean pics :-}

knittingmama said...

I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see if you got your ring back. Thank God you did! Your husband is a Godsend for cleaning the kitchen, too. ;-)

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