Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Too busy not watching TV to blog.

Who knew NOT watching television would suck up all my time and energy? I'm exhausted. (But happy!) LOL.


heather lee said...

Absolutely True!

The kids and I are on a 6 month sabbatical (so that I can get a bunch of work done?) and have no TV.

We never seem to get to bed on time as we are always doing something interesting that is way more fun than sleeping.

Fr. Peter Doodes said...

No TV... wonderful! Time to talk, to discuss, to read and to think... no wonder you'r exhausted.

Becoming Me said...

Awesome. I could go for weeks without a T.V. It's wonderful without it isn't it?

Jena said...

That's great! I remember having "tv free" weeks once in awhile. PBS has been our mainstay for years, but now we can't get any channels through the air and don't want to pay for cable, so it's Netflix and library videos for us.

I'd like to link to you on my blog. Email me!

Jenny said...

I'm thinking a COMPUTER-free week or month would be good for ME to do. It's like you said in another post - when the girls are watching a movie it's too easy to sit at the computer for way too long.

How are you Amanda?


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