Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Reptiles and knitting

A quick photo post after a fun day seeing a reptile/animal show at the park with our homeschool group...

My oldest volunteered to have a tarantula put on his head.

And then freaked out just a little.

My middle son petting the albino python.

While the other children lined up and took turns petting the tortoise, my youngest wouldn't leave its side. He was totally enamoured.

More craft obsession by osmosis! The older boys suddenly decided they wanted to knit tonight. I taught my 5yo the knit stitch last summer, but we haven't worked on it in forever. Tonight my 7yo decided he wanted to learn -- NOW. So, we spent the evening getting him started, and helping his brother get the hang of it again.

Maybe I'll finally get a new project going, too...


Fr. Peter Doodes said...

I would more than 'freaked out' if I had a tarantula on my head, I can promise you!


PS. Is your fridge always that tidy?

Amanda said...

No! That's why I had to preserve the moment. :)

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