Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A good meme

I've been tagged by Emily!

1. My joys
-Curling up on the couch to cuddle with my kids and/or hubby.
-Watching my chickens be silly and my garden growing.
-Moments when God reminds me how blessed and loved I am.

2. My fears
-Losing someone I love.
-That too many people won't be prepared as our economy, climate and lifestyles change.
-That my sisters might not find their way back to Christ.

3. My goals
-To raise happy, healthy, kind and generous sons who love the Lord.
-For my marriage to get stronger and better every year.
-To be fully Present, cherishing each moment and appreciating each day as a gift.

4. My current obsessions/collections
-Learning skills that will make my family less dependent on the system, and more able to give to others who are.
-My garden and chickens.
-Photos on my harddrive, stacks of laundry on my couch!

5. Random surprising facts about me
-I got dressed for my wedding in the bathroom of a grocery store.
-I'm 6' tall and wear size 11 shoe. (Only surprising if you haven't met me.)
-I laughed out loud during much of my labor with my third baby.

Now I'm going to tag... Bobbi, Marlene (but only if you want to!), Mary, Cassandra, and whoever else actually wants to do it.


Bobbi said...

You're so funny Amanda! I was thinking "what is a meme?"
You look teeny tiny in your pics, I would never guess you were so tall! I know I have a hard time finding shoes in my size! Is there a story behind the getting dressed in the grocery store for your wedding? lol =)

Knitting Mom said...

You got dressed for you weading on a Grocery Store bathroom !!???

Wow! that is incredible! I am going to need to hear the rest of the story...


OK I am tagged! I will take care of the questions this weekend...


Misty said...

i, like the others, would love to hear the grocery store wedding dress story!! LOL
i think you're my new best friend, ever!! i saw your comment on becoming me's blog linked over, and read your profile... besides all of your "interests" being things that matter to me, you like tori amos!! a kindred spirit!! anyway, love the blog.. will be bookmarking you for sure so i can browse some of your older posts, etc!

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Well, I guess I'm going to have to post my wedding story! LOL.

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