Friday, May 16, 2008

Early summer fun.

(Um, yeah... I really did try to blog yesterday.)

I haven't met my pre-7 a.m. wake-up goal yet. But we did eat breakfast outside on the patio yesterday morning. We sat under the Chinese elm, where it was a nice 77 degrees or so in the shade, but already warmer in the sun than the boys wanted. We ate our oatmeal together, and then they played and I did some cleaning up.

Spider webs had already overtaken the patio furniture and playhouse, so Grouper helped me sweep and hose those off. I let the chickens out and watered the veggies, then went next door to my parents' mini-orchard to move the hose from the apple to the pear tree, while the big boys climbed the fig tree.

By 10 o'clock the boys wanted to go inside, so I stayed out just long enough to refill the chickens' water and get them back in the coop.

Supposedly it was 100 degrees out by lunchtime. Thankfully we had plans to go swimming and bbq with friends at 6, so I didn't have to cook dinner and we could lounge around the house (and I could fold laundry) all afternoon. (Despite my concern about our carbon footprint, I did turn on the A/C.) After I got Baby down for his nap, the big boys and I played a game together, read the latest issue of Your Big Backyard, and counted down the hours until we could go swimming.

By 3:30, though, they were ready to get back outside and play some more. And I still needed to clean the chicken coop and finish watering. So we lathered on the sunscreen and braved the heat, knowing we'd get to cool off in the Swanlunds' Grammy's pool soon.

It was SO nice getting to hang out with our friends last night after two weeks of being mostly isolated. Unfortunately, I couldn't find my bathing suit, so I didn't get to rinse off in the pool, but the boys had a great time freezing their bottoms off in the cold water in between gorges of watermelon and veggie dogs. Baby wasn't interested in the pool at all, but he happily played with the toys on the watertable for three hours.

It's a good life. :)

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