Wednesday, December 01, 2010

25 things to do before Christmas

1. Build a gingerbread house with Nana. - check
2. Clean the house. - why is this taking so long?
3. Decorate for Christmas. - maybe I should just decorate over the dust.
4. Update 2010 photos, and order photo gifts. - check
5. Choose with the boys what to give through World Vision.
6. Get a Christmas tree.
7. Decorate the Christmas tree.
8. Read about the real Santa Claus.
9. Bake gingerbread Santas for St. Nicholas Day.
10. Mail out-of-town gifts.
11. Make sugar plums.
12. Go see The Nutcracker Suite ballet.
13. Make Nutcracker art.
14. Buy and wrap a gift for our Angel Tree child.
15. Organize Christmas pageant costumes.
16. Keep reading Bartholomew's Passage.
17. Sew Christmas pajama pants.
18. Go see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
19. Finish Christmas shopping.
20. Wrap gifts.
21. Bake Christmas cookies to share with friends.
22. Go ice skating.
23. Enjoy the Christmas pageant.
24. Go see the holiday lights at CALM.
25. Bake a birthday cake for Jesus!


Heather said...

Go you! If I were to make a list like that (unless I made it on super kawaii paper) I would be loosing it right now. I have a list in my head but only have to look at one thing at a time and then at the next thing-- your list is overwhelming! Otherwise it is awesome and fun. Plus it reminds me that one of my favorite things about winter is when the pond freezes over-- free ice skating!!!! Now to go clean the kitchen so I can bake bread and make cheese.

mandi said...

Wow! What a list! I'm glad to see that you are observing St. Nick day. We are too for the first time. I like your idea of making St. Nick gingerbread men. Do you have a cutter or are you making typical gingerbread men?

PS- making gingerbread houses with Nana is on our list too!

Country Gal said...

I got tired just reading your list! I don't even want to write mine down! We read Bartholomew last year and are reading Tabitha's Travels this year - we love it too!

stephanie from texas said...

love this list!...and your blog. i borrowed, ahem stole, the idea for a post on my blog. thank you for sharing!
Merry Christmas!

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