Friday, December 10, 2010

Making our own holiday fun

On Wednesday, I got out the art supplies, opened up the laptop to Kathy Barbro's instructions, and told the boys it was time to make some Nutcracker art!

One of our good friends is in our local ballet company's production of "The Nutcracker Suite" this weekend, and we planned to go see her dance yesterday. I thought the pictures would make a sweet gift, along with some homemade sugar plums.

My boys don't care to break out the art supplies very often, but they really enjoyed this simple project. Didn't they do a lovely job? I really didn't want to give these away when they were finished!

As it turned out, yesterday was The Day That Would Not Go As Planned. It was also a good example of why you shouldn't plan too much holiday fun for one day -- just in case someone gets sick and you have to cancel EVERYTHING.

No Nutcracker ballet... no Christmas party at the park with the homeschooling group... no getting the Christmas tree.

We managed to have some fun anyway! I had all our supplies for the graham-cracker "gingerbread" houses we were planning to make at the Christmas party, so I whipped up some royal icing, turned on the Nutcracker station on Pandora, and they got to work...

And yes, there was a lot of finger-licking happening! (I know, Bad Mom! Don't put sugar in front of sick kids! ) Fortunately, the sick kids weren't eating the frosting. And they were HAPPY!


Lisa said...

i love the nutcracker art!! so true about all the holiday fun in one day. hope everyone is feeling better. i think i need to get some graham crackers to make our own gingerbread houses. so much cuter than the sets from the store!
have a great weekend

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

They did a great job and I love those graham cracker houses!

Cozy Seaside Homemaker said...

Oh, I just love this! Somehow I came across your blog - we have such similar interests! I'm currently following! I'd love for you to follow mine as well! It's about making things and homemaking - sahm mama to 3 as well! It's called Cozy Seaside

mandi said...

Oh! Those nutcrackers are awesome! Way to go boys!

And way to go mama- making the most out of an unexpected day!

Country Gal said...

Way to save the day mom!There has to be a Murphy's law about kids getting sick in direct proportion to the fun activities scheduled!

Theresa said...

Fun fun! Please come and say hello, and also we are doing a music giveaway on my Dec 9 post. Please come join if you wish.

Amy said...

Glad to find your blog. I am new to homeschooling. I love it so far.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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