Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It may not snow here, but we've had our share of weather changes the last few weeks.

January began with chilly weather, but within a week the kids were out raking the leaves in shorts and t-shirts! A week of heavy fog followed, with the sun peeking out for just an hour or two in the afternoon.

This week it's windy and rainy -- very rainy for these parts, where the littlest sprinkling of water is considered news.

So, what better time to do a little weather experimenting?!

We followed these instructions (mostly) to create our own Fog in a Jar. I haven't found gallon canning jars, so I used quart-sized jars, which I have in plenty, and sandwich bags instead of gallon bags for the ice. That way each boy could do his own experiment.

It worked! Fogerrifically!


Daisy said...

Fun! I'm loving the rain but would like my backyard to dry out a bit. Getting a bit worried about the standing water.

mandi said...

awesome! for some reason, when i taught school, i always loved teaching the water cycle.
i guess the reason being that i' m a big, fat, nerd!

Anonymous said...

We need to try this!! Looks like fun :D

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