Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Scarecrow's Dance

"An autumn eve,
the moon was high,
As yellow as
A black cat's eye.

Out in the field,
Stiff and forlorn,
The scarecrow stood
And watched the corn."

--The Scarecrow's Dance, by Jane Yolen
In preparation for today's visit to the pumpkin patch and corn maze at a local farm, an employee dropped off a frame to use to make a scarecrow -- so the kids could dress him and take him on the hayride with us.

Sadly, our friends who helped us make the scarecrow didn't make it on the field trip today, but the result of their efforts is standing tall in the pumpkin patch now!

"With one great leap--
High, high, and higher
Than any dancer
Could admire,

Slid back onto
His wooden pole,
Which--tall and straight--
Just fit his soul.

'For anyone can dance,'
Thought he,
'But only I
Can keep fields free."

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The Surviving Mom said...

Love the post!

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