Thursday, October 22, 2009

A monster bash!

How can you not love October?!

The changing weather finally relieving us from the stifling heat of summer... harvesttime filling our kitchens with beautiful produce... county fairs... fall colors on the trees... apple-picking... pumpkin patches... monsters!

We were invited to a Monster Bash yesterday, and my friend Becky thought of every delicious detail. We had Monster Mouths and Monster Fingers...

Monster Bones with monster blood...

We drank Swamp Juice with jiggly worms and squishy fish...

For dessert we ate yummy Brain Cakes, but unfortunately I forgot to get a picture! (They looked a little like pumpkin-carrot muffins with squiggly orange cream-cheese frosting. ;)

I brought apples for the kids to transfigure into Shrunken Heads...

(If the idea of hanging shrunken heads is unappealing, you could make these dolls instead.)

After that, our little monster-eaters ran around making up murder mysteries, playing the Wii (of course), and even... reading to each other.

I found two wonderfully-illustrated books at the library for the occasion: "The Bones of Fred McFee" by Eve Bunting, and "The Scarecrow's Dance" by Jane Yolen.

More on the scarecrow theme later... But what a fun day we had!

What are you doing to celebrate fall?


~Bobbi~ said...

I totally agree with you. Fall is just great! That looks like such a fun party. I can't wait to see the scarecrow theme!

Catherine Anne said...

Love this! We are going to have to try this!

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