Monday, July 06, 2009

My Five Year Blogiversary!

So funny, I thought it had been only three years since I last painted that bedroom. But looking back at my first few posts, I realize how much has changed -- and how much has stayed the same! -- in the last five years.

I am still a hypoglycemic parent all too often. And my eldest child is still a sensitive, persistent soul with a lot of strong feelings, and a unique love for all of God's creatures.

I began this blog five years ago today, just a few months after Scott's dad passed away. Just a month before a good friend of mine filed for divorce and moved in with us with her two-year-old. Now, we're just a few months past the loss of Scott's paternal grandmother. And, sadly, another close friend's marriage is ending. So much of life is circular, isn't it? With its many endings...

And beginnings! How many baby showers have I been a part of in the last five years? Countless! So many sweet babies born and already walking, talking, playing at the park with us. And two more new little lives are expected to join our circle of friends very soon!

Speaking of birthdays, I have several friends and family members celebrating this week -- funny how the ones we love so often have certain things in common. Happy birthday to Melinda, Harvest, Jamie, Claudia, Carla, Patti, Penny, and Emily!

And happy 5th blogiversary to yours truly.

Life is good. God is good. All the time.


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Congrats on five years of great posts!

Toni said...

happy blogiversay. life sure is never changing and yet stays the same at the same time funny isn;t it. Heres to five more great years:-)

Iris said...

Grats on five years!
My blog crashed before I could even get to 100 post's! Whaa! I miss my blog!

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