Thursday, July 30, 2009

Home again, home again

This week, in between catching up on laundry and, um... blogging, I've been working on my garden plans for the next year.

Our growing season begins in late February. In general, cool season veggies can be started indoors in January, and need to finish by May. Warm season veggies go in the ground in March, and need to finish by July. Tomatoes, peppers and eggplant are about all that can survive the late summer heat.

The second growing season actually starts indoors in August. By October it's safe to put another round of cool season veggies in the ground, as long as they'll be finished before December, or don't mind a little January frost.

I'm hoping for green beans at Thanksgiving! This was the second year they didn't do too well in the spring season, so maybe fall will be better.

I actually found an organic nursery and seed company that will ship tomato plants in August! This is awesome, because I haven't been able to babysit my own seedlings while in and out of town, and I'm thinking of ripping out the sad-looking tomato plants still hanging on.

The self-seeded cherry tomato was covered in fruit when we got home, but it looks terribly dry and gangly. Last year my tomato plants survived all summer into December, still producing like crazy. Even after the first frost, I had ripening tomatoes hiding underneath, protected by the bushy leaves!

While I've been obsessed with my garden plans, the boys have continued to protect us from further zombie attacks, taken refuge from the heat in our pool, and done a little backyard nature study.

It's nice to be home, looking after my garden, even there aren't any French pastries around.


Jenni said...

Hi! Great post. I'm a new gardener, still trying to figure out when to plant everything, so I love seeing what and when you plant. LOVE the photo of your grasshopper, I have one, too, he is so cute!

Bona Fide Mama said...

your tomatoes look fabulous!

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