Monday, July 06, 2009

The chaos before the calm

Questions that come up during a home renovation...

How does my garden grow? Will I ever be able to see it from my kitchen window again? (Yes, that's the old garage door blocking my view. It's been leaning against the elm for three weeks now.)

How do feet grow so fast that I have eight different sizes of socks stored in one drawer?

Where did all the matches for these socks disappear to? And what do I do with them next?

Wasn't I planning to make a curtain for this closet five years ago?

Am I really this bad of a housekeeper?

Is Scott really going to be able to fit all of that stuff back in the garage? Or will it live permanently on the new driveway?

Why did it take Jillian so long to get rid of Wes?! And is Reid going to get his heart broken just like Michael did?!

(Alright, you caught me. That last one had nothing to do with home improvement, and everything to do with my addiction to the Bachelorette.)


Lift Up Your Hearts said...

ROFL Amanda! Bachelor/Bachelorette is one show Alif absolutely puts his foot down on, but I watched an episode with my Mom and sister a few weeks ago and have watched the last 2 as well. That Wes was such a sneaky snake!!

Crunchy Christian Mom said...

Emily -- Scott refuses to watch it, too! So I go next door to my mom's while he gets the kids in bed. :)

Bona Fide Mama said...

hey!! i think i remember reading that you were vitamin d3 deficient and that you started to take it and it helped you with energy levels. how much are you taking and how often. mine is low and i have to get it higher. of course, i also have adrenal fatigue as well.... grrrr!

Martha said...

Aw, sounds like you have a few projects to do :) I have many lone socks sitting on my dresser now but I fear they will never be reunited with our sole-mates :P okay that was lame.

Maybe I should fed-ex some socks to you, there's bound to be a match or two!!!

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