Sunday, June 14, 2009

My littlest dinophile turns 3.

Another week in pictures...

Can it have been three years already?

Littlest requested a knitted dinosaur for his birthday. So, of course, he got one.

It was a dinosaur-themed week, at least at home. (Eldest and Middlest were visiting the early Christians in Rome all week.)

In between playing with his birthday presents, he took advantage of the absence of his brothers, and mastered using the computer mouse. Only dinosaur games would do, so I dug up as many as I could find online. He played them all.

Look how big he's gotten! Oh, wait, that 4-pound zucchini makes him look kind of small, doesn't it? (And yes, that's a T-Rex on his shirt.)

Happy birthday, sweet boy! We love you!


~Bobbi~ said...

You did a great job on that dinosaur! What a cute little boy!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

mandi said...

he requested a knitted dinosaur!?! i love it! it is great- i'm so impressed!
sounds like a fun week. happy bday little guy!

Jill said...

He sure looks like his Grandma Kathy!

Anna said...

Have you seen the Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs pop-up book? A three-year-old might give it a little too much love, but it's fabulous!

What do you do with all those pounds of zucchini?

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

Happy Birthday, baby boy!! You are so loved!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I love you soooo much!


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Happy Birthday Sweetness, we love you, Nana & Papa

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday!!
From fellow dino lovers.

Anonymous said...

we sure enjoy him (and your whole family) in our lives!! your crazy crew is a great example of living grace! thanks for your friendship and sharing your crazy life with ours!!

the Branson Crew

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