Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Milestones for Littlest

Over last few months, we started mentioning the possibility of Littlest sleeping in the "big boys'" room.

But, we said, "not until you're three." I didn't want him to feel rushed, but I wanted it to feel special. Of course, he didn't know quite what that meant, to "be three."

Until he realized he was having a birthday -- you know, one of those days when you get presents! And eat cake! And everyone sings to you!

After his birthday, he started asking about the big boys' room. "Mommy, when do I get to sleep in the bottom bottom bed?"

We are blessed to have a bunk bed with a trundle underneath, so all three boys can share a room.

We got to work one day last week, cleaning up the toys under the bed so the trundle would go in and out smoothly. Then I put on the vehicle-themed sheets I'd been saving for him, and the beautiful, summery quilt my friend Emily made him.

Does he look a little bit excited?

Oh, and he's using the potty now, too. Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles!

He's 3 now. Not a baby. One of the big boys. And he knows it. He's wearing underwear. He's sleeping in his own bed.

What's next, college?

Fortunately, he'll have to stop nursing before he can move into the dorms. ;)


Lift Up Your Hearts said...

Oh, precious boy, you can't go growing up on us!!

Iris said...

He is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!

Sheri said...

What a cozy little nest you made him! He looks delighted :) And those quilts are all gorgeous! My 4 yr old recently moved into his own bed, and he had the same great big grin plastered on his face!

Am really enjoying your blog!

Bona Fide Mama said...

Such a bittersweet time, no doubt. He looks so adorable!

Leanne said...

Very cute. I love how you call him "littlest." My littlest is about to turn 4. Sigh.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I love his big smile in the photo of him in his big boy bed! So precious!

Toni said...

How exciting for him, he look so happy:-)

The quilt your friend made is so sweet and looks very comfy cozy. I am sure he will have many a wonderful night dreaming under it:-)

Martha said...

Oh my, he looks MORE than excited LOL!

My son sleeps in a toddler bed but it's actually getting too small for his restless body (he's 3.5 years old) so I'll be buying a big boy bed for him soon! I'll be snapping pictures too :D

Happy Birthday to your baby... oops, I mean big boy!

princessmama said...

How cute! He looks so excited :)

Gorgeous quilts btw...

Hayley said...

He looks very pleased with himself!It is so cute that kids are pleased by such simple things!

mandi said...

way to go big boy!
man, he is super cute in his big bed : )

and those quilts- LOVE THEM!

Marlene said...

He looks so adorable in the last picture !!! Sooo cute!

gardenmama said...

Aww sooo cute in his cozy little quilt!!
I have a three year old 'big boy' at my house too : )
What a great age!

Little M said...

He is absolutely ADORABLE!!!! I'm so glad I found your blog :)

Melissa said...

How adorable. Our friends recently gave us their toddler bed. Layla was excited about sleeping in it for about 2 minutes, but she's happily sleeping back in our "big bed." With all the changes of moving and having a new baby, I'm not to keen on "pushing" her out right now. It would be nice to not be whacked in the head and kicked in the kidneys some day though!

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