Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Spring Cleaning: Part One

Look! It's a miracle! There's no laundry on the Laundry Sofa!

Oh, wait. That was Saturday, after five straight days of laundry washing, folding, sorting and putting away. Don't look now... there's another load about to land!!

I was so inspired by Stephanie's spring cleaning post in March. But I couldn't go there yet. This weekend I felt it was finally Time. The garden is getting along. Outside commitments are getting fewer. And the clutter and grime were starting to drive me crazy. We've had a couple dust storms recently, and our drafty house lets all the dirt in. Blech!

Plus Simple Mom is having a Spring Cleaning Party at her blog. She makes it sound so FUN! But I can't commit to anyone else's schedule. I just have to make my list, and find the time as I go.

So, here's the list (I did all the cobweb vacuuming first, because I borrowed my mom's vacuum cleaner.) ...
Boys' room:
Declutter big boys' clothes and organize dresser.
Vacuum cobwebs from windows.
Clean windowsills.
Pick up all toys from floor, and sweep.
Clean ceiling fan blades.
Clear off dresser and dust bookshelves.
Clean window glass.
Wash blinds in bathtub.
Declutter closet.
Clean under trundle bed.

Living room:
Vacuum cobwebs from ceiling and windows.
Vacuum dead bugs behind curtains. (How did they get there?!)
Purge magazines.
Dust bookshelves and other furniture.
Dust picture frames.
Clean ceiling fan blades.
Wash curtains.
Vacuum couches.

Dining room:
Vacuum cobwebs from ceiling and windows.
Clean ceiling fan blades.
Wash blinds in bathtub.
Dust bookshelves.
Declutter and dust computer desk.

Declutter cabinets and counters. (Is it cheating because I did this a month ago?)
Clean kitchen window.

Main bathroom:
Clean toilet.
Clean mirror and sink.
Vacuum cobwebs on ceiling and window.
Declutter medicine cabinet.
Wash window blinds.
Scrub shower.

Master bedroom:
Wash all blankets and sheets.
Dryel woolens and put away.
Pick up around bed and under dressers.
Vacuum cobwebs on ceiling and window.
Sort littlest boy's clothes and donate.
Purge unnecessary cloth diapers.
Clear dressers and dust.
Clean ceiling fan blades.
Wash window blinds.

Side room:
Declutter s'more.
Sweep and mop.

Second bathroom:
Take pity on Uberdad and clean it.

Wow. When I look at that list, I realize how much we accomplished in two days! (Uberdad helped remove clutter from the house. And the boys picked up their toys and put away laundry. Thanks, guys! I love you!)

I'm already halfway there. I can do this.

But first, we have a field trip tomorrow. All work and no play makes miserable chil'ens! (Today we did no extra cleaning. Just lots of stories and cookie baking. They deserved it!)


Tammy said...

Lists are always good. We are in Spring cleaning mode. Got the garage cleaned out, had 2 days of yard sales, and now to tackle the inside!!

Good luck to you, in finishing your lists.

ChristyACB said...

Lists are fantastic when you can cross stuff off! Congrats on a whole lot of hard work.

The only time lists aren't great is when they hang around unchecked!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Look at you! You haven't even been taking vitamin D for a full week and you're already acting like the energizer bunny. When you're done at your house I could give you a list for mine. L.O.L.

TheOrganicSister said...

I never did get the natural burst of energy that comes with spring time and forces you to clean clean clean. Sadly, this means I'll be working on it over the summer. bleh


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