Sunday, May 03, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Last week was a basic spaghetti and breakfast-for-dinner kind of week. Nothing fancy. (Unless you count my kale, sausage and rice soup, which miraculously got my two older boys to eat their greens. Littlest and his daddy were harder to convince.)

So this week, I've got some cooking to catch up on. I roasted a chicken tonight, so I can restock my stock. And I'm looking forward to trying some new tricks out of Jessica Seinfeld's "Deceptively Delicious" cookbook.

Now, it's not my style to lie to my children about what's in their food. My older two are foodies, anyway, so it doesn't work on them.

Tonight I threw in some turnips from our csa box along with the usual potatoes to roast. They looked the same on the plate, but when Eldest bit into one, he noticed the difference. "This potato doesn't taste right!" "You probably got a turnip," I answered. "Oh! Well, okay, if it's a turnip, I like it. It wasn't very good as a potato."

However, Littlest is too young to have opinions about what goes into a dish. He judges based on the look of things. If it looks like it contains a flour product and/or cheese, he'll probably eat it. If not, good luck. (He does like cooked carrots and broccoli, in small portions.)

And, to be honest, he probably gets his pickiness from his mother.

So Jessica's idea of adding pureed vegetables to kids' favorite dishes sounds brilliant to me! Who wouldn't eat spinach in the form of a brownie?! Remember my chocolate beet muffins? MMMMM!

We'll see if my energy holds up to my puree-ing ambitions...

MONDAY (skate day)
Eggs & toast
Pizza at the skating rink
Chicken noodle soup w/root veggie puree (Deceptively Delicious)

Sweet potato pancakes
Lasagna w/sweet potato and cauliflower puree (D.D.)
Brownies (D.D.)

WEDNESDAY (field trip)
Oatmeal or cereal
Fried tilapia, asparagus and German potato salad (w/dill)

THURSDAY (garden, Bible study night)
Frittata w/swiss chard and bacon
Tacos w/sweet potato (D.D.)

FRIDAY (bake)
Soda bread w/strawberry jam
Spaghetti w/sausage and carrots

Hamburgers w/cauliflower and carrot puree

We'll be eating snap peas fresh from the garden all week, too! We just discovered they were ready this afternoon! And I have a big box of strawberries that I might have to turn into jam this week... yum!

Go find more menus plans at Organizing Junkie!


ChristyACB said...

Wow..can I come eat at your house?

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

Your menu sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting the kids to eat their veggies. I've always found that sometimes making shapes or patterns out of vegetables make them more appealing, or giving dinners a funny name sometimes works too!

Meg said...

I'm all for the hiding of foods! Thankfully, I've never had to do it. My kids are just that hungry, I guess! :)

I'm going to try the sweet potato pancakes for breakfast again... The boys and I really enjoyed them, but my husband is the hard sell ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is definitely an unique idea!

My son is picky but I give him his food in order. I make him eat his yucky food (like some veggies and even some meat), then I will allow him to eat his yummy sides (potatoes, bread, green beans, etc). Then I will give him a yummy treat afterwards. It works having some kind of blackmail :o) but your idea is great too!!

P.S. I thought I was the only one who loved making breakfast for dinner ;)

johnny b said...

yes- i consider your sausage/kale dish fancy!

did your strawberry man come knocking again?

johnny b said...

oh- i forgot i'm on my husband's computer - so it's me mandi, from herban homestead. not some creepy man asking about strawberries...: )

not that my husband's creepy...

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