Monday, July 07, 2008

At work and play in the garden

It's supposed to be over 100 degrees all week, so we headed out back this morning to give everything a good soak, let the chickens graze in the shade, and see if Jackie had another egg for us. She didn't yet, so we watched her go in and out of the henhouse, listened to her scratch around in the bedding, and waited for that proud SQUAWK!

While the other chickens found their happy places in the shade...

...the boys built towers out of outdoor toys, and attempted to set a world record on longest swinging time. ("Has it been an hour yet?!")

I watered the vegetables, and harvested eggplant and tomatoes. LOTS and LOTS of tomatoes!

And finally, Jackie layed her morning egg!

The tomatoes in the bowl are from yesterday, the ones on the counter are all from this morning! Two dozen large and small Romas, and one round Italian heirloom. I have to figure out the name of it, because the stick is buried in the mud under the plants somewhere.

Scrambled eggs with salsa, anyone?

(Sorry no Menu Plan Monday today. You were right, of course, Mrs. Ballinger. The plan is a starting point, but it's no guarantee of what we'll end up eating! We ended up with enough leftovers that I have two day's menus left from last week.)


Band of Brothers said...

mmm. eggs with salsa sounds delicious! congrats on the eggs and the tomatoes. they both looks so lovely!

The Ballinger Family said...

I think I'll pass on the eggs (yuck) thanks anyway though :) I haven't started my menu planning yet....but I am really going to try too in the near future...too much going on right now.

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