Friday, June 09, 2006

Maybe tonight's full moon will do it...

Last night I called my mom over after the boys were asleep so UberDad and I could take a walk while it was cool outside, and maybe get labor moving. With my labors with both Puffer and Grouper, I had to do a lot of walking to move from the latent stage of labor to active labor. My mom and I had already walked in the morning, and it helped, a little.

So, around 10 p.m., we headed out into the privacy of the darkness. The sky was clear, and the moon was high, bright and nearly full. Supposedly more babies are born when the moon is full. I was definitely having stronger contractions during the walk. But then we were home again, and getting sleepy, so we went to bed. And so far, once I go to bed, my body chooses sleep over labor.

Yesterday my neighbor took my boys and her kids to a big park where they got to watch peacocks do their mating dances. They had a blast. UberDad went grocery shopping, and I hung out with my mom, whose vacation ends Sunday. She baked my favorite cookies for me in the afternoon, and I'm trying to make them last in case we need late night energy food to share with my midwife and her assistant.

Oh! I forgot to share that UberDad got the job! He'll be teaching math at a local high school just a few miles from home. He found out the morning right after his interview, which was awesome. Thanks for your prayers! He's now officially home on vacation for the rest of the summer! YAY!!! Now, we just need the newest member of our family to arrive...


Emily said...

WOW! Congrats on the new job for Dad, and it sounds like things are going great during Baby's last few days in the womb. I hope he arrives REALLY SOON!!

heather lee said...

any day amanda, you can't stay pregnant forever!

if it is any consolation, or at least a curiosity, both of my children were born on a friday night, after work crews and other random needs were taken care of.

they were both 42 week babies too.

i wil continue to pray for fabulous outcomes, which seems to be happening.

get some sleep,

Amanda said...

Presley was a 42 weeker. Of course, she came out a hefty 10lbs 4oz and 22 inches long. Although, contrary to popular belief, I wouldn't go back and change it if I could. She was born when God got good and ready to give her to us. And I kind of like having a chunky baby! :)

Praying for ya'!!

P.S. You can read about her birth here:
Maybe reading about my labor will help kick start yours! LOL

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