Thursday, June 29, 2006

Checking in.

I'm sitting here in my robe leaking milk all over the floor. Been walking my colicky baby all morning, and he's finally asleep. I should be taking a shower or doing the dishes, or washing the pile of sour breastmilk-encrusted nightgowns taking over the corner of my bedroom... but so rarely do I have both hands to type with.

I really did forget how much work a newborn can be. Grouper's first couple months are a total blur. Maybe because I was still so busy with Puffer being only 18 months old, I don't remember Grouper being colicky at all. Somehow I got it in my head that only first-borns are colicky. And I thought I was in my pjs 24/7 and didn't go anywhere but my mom's house for six weeks with Puffer because I was a first time mom. Um, no. Number three is equally as challenging. So, I'm getting hours worth of working out each day swinging this kid around to keep him happy. And in between I crash on the couch to watch reality tv shows about postpartum moms and beg UberDad to bring me food. And sometimes I even pay attention to my other children. ;)

So, that's life at my house for now. And now I'll attempt to wash the milk off my legs before my youngest wakes up again.


Emily said...

How are you hanging in emotionally during this challenging time? I wish I were feeling better so I could come and hold Baby for an hour or two.

Jocelyn said...

Oh I'm thinking of you from the other side of the world!! I love the pics of Harrison, what a cutie. Hard to remember when he's crying all the time I know, and you probably are too! Ohhhhhh how I know....but haven't had three yet!! I always heard the 3rd is the hardest...not because of the baby, mainly because of the workload! so give yourself lots of space and patience. one day you will be supermom again, or at least feel like yourself again. :)

LaShawn said...

I just popped by your blog today. Really enjoying it. i just had baby #3 as well. He was born May 13. Amazing how much we forget in a few short years without a newborn.

Dapoppins said...

OH YUCK. Well at least you still got your sense of humor...I never had the leak problem, but they sure hurt for months, I would have traded leaking for the hurting...and just you know, don't worry. Grab every happy moment you can with that new baby, because tomarrow he is going to try to walk.

Tammy said...

Hey Amanda, if you need anything, let me know, I'm just down the street!!

Green Momma said...

I found your blog yesterday and now I'm addicte! I am a mom to 3 girls, 7,3 and 8 months. My most recent addition has been the most difficult by far. If she had been number one I would be Mom to 1 girl. Hang in there, mine still isn't sleeping through the night but at least she'll chew on some zwieback toast for 10 minutes and give me time to blog. I DO have my priorities!

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