Sunday, October 30, 2005

My baby is three.

While my youngest child may technically be the one growing in my belly, Grouper is still my baby -- and my baby turned three yesterday.

THREE YEARS OLD. Of course, that still sounds pretty little to me. When Puffer turned three, it seemed so OLD. I suddenly realized that my chance to make a significant impact on his life was OVER -- and I'd probably COMPLETELY SCREWED UP the little time I'd had. Thank God I no longer believe in those studies that say it's the first three years that truly matter. I actually think children need their parents FOREVER. You know, with reasonable limitations as they get wrinkles. (Don't worry, Mom, I'm fighting mine with Arbonne products.)

I'm going to brag, and then it's going to come back and kick me in the butt, BUT... Grouper has been sleeping all night in his own bed, WITHOUT a diaper, and WITHOUT nursing until the morning!!! Somehow, he's realized that this turning 3 thing is a big deal. He's made some serious progress on using the potty over the last few weeks.

He has been pretty tired of wearing diapers, doesn't want them at night or the day, but I told him that he would have to wear one at night if he was going to nurse. Thus, he's given up night nursing besides once at bedtime. The times he's gotten cold and climbed in bed with me around 4:30 a.m., he just snuggles next to me. He has quite an incredible bladder, nonetheless.

Oh, and look who's up from his nap and ready to nurse? ;) He IS still my baby...


Emily said...

Happy Birthday little Mr. 3-year-old! It's bittersweet, isn't it Amanda? :*)

Jocelyn said...

I was just thinking he was 3 now when I woke up this morning, so weird since I haven't seen him since he was a baby!! Hooray on the bed and potty!! I haven't been able to finagle either of those with my own but at least he has no interest in nursing. LOL.

OH and I JUST learned about that "by age three" thing at a new church I went to that prints it up in their nursery info handout thing!! I really like their nursery program but that little bit of info freaked me out. I'm glad to hear you think otherwise. :)

The Daring One said...

I'm calling on a few of my fellow SAHM blog ring members to stop over at Daring Young Mom and give tips on how to get our families to eat more vegetables. Please come by if you have any suggestions. Thanks a ton.

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