Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Feeling pukey

Where do I get these brilliant ideas? You know, the one that went something like this... plan to get pregnant in September, so that I'll be nauseated and tired all through our October trip to Disneyland and will want to sleep through the conference seminars, and then commit to hosting a party the Friday after we return, even though the house still isn't totally put back together and I haven't mopped the floors in three weeks.

I must be having a girl. At least one. 'Cause I don't remember feeling like this with either of the boys. With them, all I had to do was snack a lot. With this one, I'm snacking all the time and still feel sick pretty much 24 hours a day. My stomach, hips and butt are getting bigger by the minute, and my back hurts because I can't use my abdominal muscles or I'll feel more nauseated. 'Course, I still can't really complain, at least I'm not actually puking.

Now I have to go use the tiny bit of energy gained from my cheeseburger, fries and vanilla milkshake to pack for three days in Anaheim. So much for my healthy pregnancy diet. Give me SALT! All I want is SALT!


Jocelyn said...

Ay yi yi (or how do you spell it?) So you never puked with the boys? How many weeks are you? I was puking by 5 weeks with DS2 and 7 weeks with DS1. I thought DS2 would be a DD since I was sick for longer, but I was just as sick. If having a girl makes you sicker, OH MY I am not looking forward to that, if it ever happened.

I've been getting updates from my mom on your grandma...sigh

Emily said...

Well Amanda, everyone in the world told me I was having a girl when I was so sick during my pregnancy with Caris, and I didn't believe it. I just thought I was one of those people who are more and more sick every time they're pregnant. Well, everyone in the world was right! I hope you're not too sick for too long, and I'll call you soon to see how I can help, so get ready to accept it. ;-)

Jasper said...

My friend is having a boy and said most days she doesn't even feel pregnant, where she was on bed rest with her girl! Plus maiya gave me hell in the bathroom. I couldn't keep anything down my entire pregnancy! That's probably why I only gained 30 lbs! So you might be right........!

Justine said...

Congratulations on your new miracle! When I was pregnant, I never had a day of sickness, I carried low, I craved meat, meat, meat. Everyone said: Must be a boy! I had a feisty, hell-raiser of a little girl. Go figure!

I hope your pregnancy gets better. Blessings to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Pregnant AGAIN!


You'll be in my prayers!



Amanda said...

Thanks, Michelle! Thanks, Justine! :)

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