Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Misc. updates

Yikes! I guess I've been ignoring my blog for a couple weeks, haven't I? Besides that last random iPod share, which apparently was difficult to find.

Anyhow, we had a great time in Anaheim. The conference was fabulous, I met the woman whose twin homebirth story I've been sharing for months, and came home inspired. The boys loved Disneyland, and we survived the crowds. My mom even let her mind leave her worries about my grandmother for a few hours.

On that subject, she's back in her own apartment after a third stint in the hospital. There's nothing wrong enough with her for them to let her stay indefinitely, but neither is she truly capable of living on her own anymore. Unfortunately, she's refusing all help from my mother, and still hallucinating terrible things about me, my dad, and my sisters. So, we're still praying and hoping nothing dreadful happens.

I had a four-day reprieve from 24-hour-sickness last week, which was lovely. Then my dear friend Emily came and helped clean my house the day of my Passion Party, which was almost more lovely. By the time I got home from a baby shower on Saturday afternoon, however, the sickness had returned. So, I've been napping a lot, and knitting some, and trying to do laundry in between.

Oddly, the reprieve from feeling pukey came at the same time as I was avoiding sugar and dairy and taking anti-yeast herbs. Then it returned after I had cake at both parties. So, I'm wondering if it's possible to rid myself of this misery by adjusting my diet again. UGH. It's SO hard to give up sugar!! The boys begged me to make banana bread Sunday night, so of course I had to oblige.

I did make a fabulous vegan minestrone soup tonight, which was perfectly healthy -- if you don't count the butter on the bread we ate with it.

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Jocelyn said...

Glad to see some updates! I am interested in that diet=not puking with pregnancy since I may have another one while we're in Germany but am NOT looking forward to that part again!! (well really not looking forward to anything 'til I'm past the painful nursing stage - THEN all is well...) So keep it up and maybe it will work for me! :) I know, ugh...sometimes sugar is the only thing to keep me sane. LOL

I have a good minetrone potato soup recipe. Isn't all minestrone vegan? I guess you wouldn't use chicken or beef broth...duh. LOL. anyway, mine has that. and its GOOD

glad you had fun at Disneyland, how could you not? I want to go!!!

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