Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Balancing act

So, my post is finally up at God's Gals, and I added an update. We didn't go to the moms group at church this morning, but I still need to call the leader and let her know why, and that I won't be able to recommit to the group after all. I like most of the members on an individual level, which is one reason it was so hard to admit that I don't belong there.

In general, it's been a challenge for me to find balance between staying home and going out, family time and time with friends. My eldest prefers to be at home, playing on the computer or with a friend. His brother loves to GO, or at the very least, be outside riding his bike. My personal tendency is to make too many social commitments, or else to spend too much time on the computer or otherwise preoccupied and not playing enough with the boys.

It is one of my goals this fall to stay aware of what's working for us all, and what we can live without. Our homeschooling group is growing rapidly, and there are now way more activities than we could possibly commit to. Plus we have a new family small group through church which is awesome (who but Episcopalians would meet, kids included, to discuss theology and life at a BREWERY?). We have friends in the group(you know who you are!) who are my role models for prioritizing family time above too many adult-exclusive or otherwise extraneous social events.

Giving up the Tuesday women's group was step one on my road to recovery from an over-active social life.

I'm also trying to balance my personal desire for order and daily rhythm with my children's desire to have me at their disposal and to choose their activities freely. In the process of figuring out this unschooled life, I've sometimes found myself un-schooling *myself* instead of my kids -- and then CHAOS reigns instead of FREEDOM.

Speaking of freedom, here's one of my favorite Bible verses...

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”
–2 Corinthians 3:17


Jocelyn said...

Oh goodness I read your other post too and my heart was warmed but sunk a bit too when I saw you went shopping for a b-day present for my DS1...ummm when have I bought and sent presents to your boys? I know you have been way better about that than I have. Thanks for thinking of us and forgiving me for not being on top of it like you are!

good for you to quit the group if its not a place you are growing or feeling connected. Perhaps it will at another time or perhaps this frees you up to find something else or just a new routine at home or something.

Amanda said...

Oh, you're funny! My memory of birthdays is so random, who knows if I'll remember again next year, so don't worry about it! I just still have a baby gift for Tommy, and I thought, oh I need to send that -- but I can't just send something for Tommy when it's Wesley's birthday! Chances are it's going to be late, fyi.

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