Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Back to work.

So, it's been over a week since I posted that ridiculously long to-do list. And of course I haven't completed them all! BUT -- we did reach my goal of sleeping in our own beds Saturday night! The floors are finished, and are absolutely gorgeous. The first coat of paint is on most of the trim, and the second is on behind the bed and computer desk (though the computer's still not up, so I'm back at my parents' to write this).

Today was UberDad's first official day back to work, though he put in quite a few hours last week. So I went to work, too. I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast, visited with my sister who just returned from Vienna, did the dishes, changed all our sheets, scrubbed the bathtub, washed the car with the boys, swept and hosed off the front porch, and did two loads of laundry while the kids ran in circles and slid all over the new floor. I even got a shower before lunch! Still not sure how I all managed that. Guess it helped that there's still no furniture to sit down on besides a bench at the table.

During Grouper's nap, Puffer and I played a new card game (like Go Fish, but with bugs) twice. And then my sister, the boys and I went out for coffee while we waited for Scott to get home. He made a massage appointment for after work since he could barely sit down after all the strain on his lower back. Then I made a salad, grabbed my knitting bag, and we went to visit friends for dinner.

I think I must have taken my vitamins, too.

So, now that you're updated... here's a link to my posts on God's Gals. I planned to post them here, too, but didn't get a chance. My parents' computer was being wacky this week.

A time for every season

By the way, I've been reading that Enneagram book, and I'm definitely a Nine (sin: laziness). A recovering Nine. At least today.

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Annie said...

so...what is it you are knitting?
auntie annie...

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