Sunday, March 25, 2012

Decluttering: I don't know when to stop.

Apparently, I'm nesting. Only 17 weeks to go until this baby arrives, and I am determined to have THE ENTIRE HOUSE reorganized and ready long before my due date. I know I'll be too tired and won't want to do anything but knit little booties and sew little dresses by June. (OH! Did I just give something away?!)

We have a smallish, old-fashioned house that requires creative rearranging to accommodate our growing, ever-changing family. This includes regular, ruthless decluttering. Of which I have done very little in the last year.

The baby goodies are already arriving -- but what will soon be the nursery is currently my craft/curriculum/storage/library. Two bookcases and their books, a desk and all its clutter, my scrapbooking and sewing supplies have to go Somewhere Else.

One of those places is this closet:

Nope, nothing else is going in there until something comes out.

My problem is, I can't just pull a few things out of a closet. Once I decide to start organizing, I have to empty EVERY CLOSET IN THE HOUSE so that the whole place looks like we've been flying over Kansas with Dorothy -- collecting everything but the cow passing by as we go.

First, though, I made lists of everything that would need a home somewhere. (This I started weeks ago.)

I started thinking about what big items needed to go -- the dresser in the bedroom closet that was not working, the rocking chair that was cute but never comfortable for nursing, the boys' desks that I repainted for the school room two years ago and haven't been used since last May. And I decided we should have a yard sale.

On Monday, I started pulling everything out of the closets. And then I realized I was coming down with the flu. By Wednesday, three of us were in bed sick, and my house still looked like this:

Stuff was piled everywhere waiting for the yard sale.

But, no matter, because my main closet had gone from THIS (before):

To THIS (after)!

Top shelf: Blankets, sorted by knits, fleece, and quilts
Second shelf: Seasonal items in tubs: Snow, birthdays, swim, and crafts.
Third and bottom shelves: Games, craft supplies, and homeschool baskets.
Floor: Gift wrapping supplies. And an EMPTY tub!!

And I wasn't quite finished here. I now have storage on the back of the door for the gift wrap, and I was able to move some sewing and scrapbooking tubs out of my office into the bottom of the closet.  I still have more sorting through craft and school supplies to do, too.

And check out my bedroom closet (BEFORE):

And AFTER (so far):

I'm still working on this one, too, but removing the dresser and adding the tubs and shoe cubbies made a HUGE difference! I found shoes under that dresser that had been "missing" for over a year. :/

The tornado spewed the rest of the mess onto the lawn Saturday morning, and after we made an entire $3.75 in six hours of yard selling (plus $75 for the dresser from someone who saw it on Craiglist), we loaded up the rest to take to Goodwill.

Now to finish the boys' closet...

I'm participating in Project: Simplify 2012!


Heather said...

AWESOME! This is like me too, I pull everything out of everywhere and completely reorganize. We don't have a small house, but it is old, and has no closets, so I am constantly trying to figure out interesting ways to arrange stuff. Usually what happens is I start to move furniture around and then I feel like I am really accomplishing something :-)

Eddie said...

I am laughing here - I took all the stuff out of every homeschooling shelf and closet on Saturday, then other things happened and you literally can not see my dining room table and surrounding floor. I should really finish that.

Carolyn Renee said...

It does seem as if one must MAKE a mess before cleaning UP said mess. Great job & I bet you feel sooooo much "lighter" now.

Mirjam said...

A girl!! :-D

Anonymous said...

love it....I now have a partner in the crime of decluttering!!! now to just get this stuff to good will. By the way, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

Fr. Peter Doodes said...


April Jech said...

Your closets look great! I just operated on a few of our cabinets. It's amazing how many "junk" drawer/cabinets we get here!
Congrats on the girl!!
April- visiting from

sarah in the woods said...

Wow! Your closets look great. Our nursery is also my bedroom, which is also the craft room. So I had some rearranging to do too. Unfortunately, I thought it would be a good idea to wait until the month before baby was due to get things done. Not a great idea since I had about 5% energy at that point.
Congrats on having a GIRL!

Shawnelle Eliasen said...

Thanks for sharing. I'm convicted. We have an old house with lots of closets. And it's threatening to open any one of them (sigh).
We could use a good, strong dose of declutter! I'm encouraged...

Kama said...

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Luniquely Maggie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dianne Rigdon said...

I can so relate! Best thing that ever happened to me was Fly Lady. She taught me years ago in my small 2 bedroom one bath home with three kids how to declutter. It took a few years, starting when there were only two kids, but I got it all done and learned to just clutter as I go. We have a designated area for good will stuff and when it starts to over flow, we make a trip! :D

Amy Hagerup said...

I love before and after photos of organizing. You did a great job. Wow - you bit off a lot. Blessings, Amy

Diane Roark said...

I love that you show pictures of real life. Great job encouraging others. I also love that you are a Christian blogger. I look forward to receiving your posts. Please visit me some time

Blessings Always, Diane Roark

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