Thursday, December 17, 2009

Goodbye, old friend, faithful servant.

Looks like it's finally time to say goodbye to my old dryer.

It served me well for nearly 12 years with no problems, patiently fluffing our towels, tossing our jeans, keeping our t-shirts from getting too wrinkled.

It didn't complain when some toxic chemical spilled on its white top, bubbling up the paint so that it's now splotchy and covered in rust. I felt bad for not keeping it cleaner.

So I tried not to complain when one day the start button locked on. The dryer couldn't stop unless we left the door open at the end of the cycle.

It was almost a blessing when one of the boys accidentally sat on the door six months ago, bending it so that it popped open on its own -- now we don't have to run to open it when the cycle's done!

(Instead, we've had to prop the door closed with a hobby horse when we want to run it, blocking the way into Scott's bathroom. It smelled in there anyway.)

But this week, the 14-year-old machine just wouldn't go. It made a horrible noise, gasping in pain as it tried to turn the drum.

We hoped it was just a hose. We suspected it was the motor.

First, I ignored the problem, as I usually do. I lugged basket after basket of wet laundry next door to my parents' garage to use their dryer. It was a good excuse to visit my dad while he banged around on someone's jeep.

I finally called our 80-year-old repairman, who came out the same day, and gave me the bad news. Nope, not a hose.

He gave me a list of inexpensive dryers made by Whirlpool but branded otherwise. So, we're off to spend the rest of the Christmas budget. Guess I'll have to wait until my birthday for that iPhone.

Yes, clotheslines are cheap. Yes, I will attempt to be better at using mine in 2010. But any local knows that clothes don't dry in the fog. And our hot summers -- well, let's just say there are some days you need a modern appliance if you don't want to shrink your delicates or smell like an alley.

So, it's off the Lowe's Christmas sale we go!


Heather said...

Oh I am so glad that we are not the only ones who prop our dryer door closed so it runs. :) We use a chair. :) Sorry you have to replace it though, hoping ours lasts a bit longer.

mandi said...

we had the same dryer, given to us after we married. a few years later we were both working full time and felt so rich. we bought a front loader- which broke not even a year later. we should have stuck with the workhorse.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know your dryer had a top!! I've never seen it :D

Lift Up Your Hearts said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, goodbye old friend! You were so appreciated while you lasted! LOL Is Chuck your repairman?

The Maunderer said...

"Sorrow, thy name is like the broken string upon olden dryer"
"Like tubes connecting one to air, A paddle to keep thy dryer closed"
"A pain in the backside, Thou art to some to be compared to the dreary loathing of hanging thine own clothes, and returning only to thine clothes wet"
"Hope, thy name speaks of the day thy gains a new dryer"
"Hate, thy name is like a new dryer dying within several months, and pain returneth"

"Loath is me, who squanders in the dark, never to see the luxury of a dryer in its prime! Shadow... comes... wetness... comes... Why doth thou hate me, weather?!"


Stacey said...

12 years! That's wonderful :) I hope ours lasts that long. I'm sure that even though it was a little sad, the dryer knew how hard you tried to keep him (her?) around, what with the propping the door closed and all. What dryer did you end up getting?

Renate Hoornstra said...

I wonder what kind of chemicals you use in your household that can cause this type of damage to the surface of your dryer.... Might be better not to have them in the house at all for everybodies sake

Amanda said...

Thanks for your concern, Renate. :) I don't think there was any particularly horrid chemical that damaged my old dryer. It doesn't take much to get paint to peel -- a few months of ignoring a leaky detergent bottle was probably enough. Remember, it was 12 years old!

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