Wednesday, December 09, 2009

21 20...16 days 'til Christmas!

Goodness, where have the days gone? To tree-trimming and gift-wrapping, errand-running and story-reading, laundry-washing and pageant-rehearsing...

And it rained! So, after a cold, wet couple of days, we decided to head to the park this afternoon and enjoy the sunshine -- unfortunately it looked warmer than it really was, and we didn't stay for long! But I got to try out my new camera lens (Nikkor 55-200mm)... I just wish I knew what I was doing!


mandi said...

wow- i can really tell a difference in the pictures. they are so bright and crisp. looks like you know more than you're letting on!

Stephanie said...

woohoo! I can't wait to have a grown-up camera someday. :)

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