Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mrs. Weasley plans for college

Savings, schmavings, I've figured out how we're going to pay for college -- Quidditch scholarships!

Already, 226 colleges have joined the Intercollegiate Quidditch League. My alma mater, as well as teams from Harvard, Princeton and MIT competed in the 2009 World Cup, which Greg Gumble reported on CBS Sports.

I figure, in 10 years, the Rowling Fund for Literate Athletes should be well established. The (Muggle) Quidditch World Cup will be a well-respected international collegiate sporting event.

And my kids will have plenty of experience in the sport, because I'm going to start a local homeschool league! (Well, what else can I do? They're begging to play!)

But first, somebody's asking for a broom for Christmas... or maybe I should get him a helmet first.


goatldi said...

Fun,fun,fun! Where in central valley? From Fresno area still have children, grandchildren there.

Christina said...

Are you serious??? If you start this for real you know that will mean another day down the mountain!!! My youngest sooooo wants to play Quidditch and the oldest, well, she's been talking a lot recently about going to Hogwarts and Quidditch is it. It would be totally cool if we can come up with some teams!!! When's the first practice (: Christina

andrea the pomegranates said...

this is so awesome!

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