Monday, November 02, 2009

Gratituesday: So many things to be thankful for.

Did you see that Laura at Heavenly Homemakers is offering prizes this month as an incentive for our gratefulness? As if I needed something else to be grateful for! :)

Right now I am grateful for my sweet hubby, and for his sacrifice of leaving us to work each day.

I am grateful for my darling boys, and the blessing of being able to watch them so closely as they grow up.

I am grateful for my friends and homeschooling community, who make sure I never have to feel alone on this less traveled path.

I am grateful for the ability to sing in our church choir this season, and the willingness of my family to do without me for those hours.

I am grateful to have my parents so close, and that my children have grandparents who adore them.

And I am grateful for sleep, which I finally caught up on this weekend! Praise God, the Giver of rest!!


Mirjam said...


Jill said...

With all your attention to gratitude in your life, you will always be happy!

The Surviving Mom said...

That was great! Thank you :)

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